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“The care of an individual ~ the strength of a company”

We believe that housecleaning is best approached as a personalized endeavor. Actually, your house IS unique from everyone else’s, and has specific requirements to make it look its best.

You get your own Personalized Cleaner!

This is why most callers choose us. We aim to have one person in charge of cleaning your house (two people if you have a large house). This person will be your regular cleaner, and will show up like clockwork on your regularly scheduled days, at the regularly scheduled time. If your regular cleaner cannot make it, we try to have another person who can fill in so you don’t have to go without a cleaning. (We know that skipping a cleaning can be annoying!) Or, you can opt to wait for your regular cleaner.

Our goal is for you to be not just satisfied, but thrilled;
not just comfortable, but spoiled.

Before your first cleaning, we ask you about your cleaning preferences -- items and rooms to be cleaned, products to be used, methods of cleaning you may prefer. Then, as your regular cleaner becomes familiar with your home, she will learn more of your preferences -- e.g., do you want the toothpaste put away or left out, do you appreciate a note being left, do you want the dog penned up if you forgot, etc.

We know your home!

We started in St. Charles and West St. Louis counties in 1999, and are familiar with the styles of homes here. Our West County office opened in 2010. Many of these homes are newer, with delicate surfaces. Cleaning these surfaces requires a much gentler touch than do the surfaces in older homes! Therefore, we never use abrasive cleaning products on your delicate vanities, shower walls, or counter tops. We are prepared to deal with hard water issues, new carpet issues, real marble issues, and little red lady-bug issues. We know your home!

Your complete security is our concern.

All of our employees have passes background checks, and are bonded and insured (worker's compensation insurance and liability insurance). We are also a member of the Better Business Bureau.

We welcome your feedback.

We are in frequent contact with our customers by phone, checking to make sure they are pleased with everything -- the quality, the cleaner, the scheduling, and any deep cleaning issues that need to be addressed.

We encourage customers to call with feedback as well. Sometimes your regular cleaner tries very hard to clean the way you want, but in fact you want something different. Your cleaner won’t know unless you tell us or her, so please do let one of us know!

You’ll love our Guarantee.

Our guarantee is simple: we guarantee that you will be happy. If you are not happy with the cleaning, we will re-clean for you, even if we have to arrive outside of the 24-hour window that most other cleaning companies require. We know you’re too busy to call for no good reason! We believe that great Customer Service is our most important task and privilege.

You can reschedule without penalty!

As far as rescheduling goes, we try to be flexible. We do ask that you try to give us at least 24 hours if you must move or cancel your scheduled cleaning, so we have time to rearrange our schedule. We will do our best to move you to a day that works better for you, at no extra charge.

Our promise to you is to provide a dependable,
personalized service that you LOVE!

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